London Firewood supplies the highest quality firewood, coal, kindling and other fuels across our city. Our HQ is on Gainsborough Wharf on the Regent’s Canal bordering Islington, Shoreditch and Hackney. The wharf is home to a community of beautiful barges and boats and also has a service bay allowing passing boaters to load up with fuel mid-voyage.

We keep our customers warm throughout the year inside and out — in houses, cosy pubs, summer gardens or people living on boats. We supply a fast growing number of catering businesses with wood fired ovens, who appreciate the superior quality of our firewood. Unlike manufactured wood logs that often contain wax, our firewood is pure, which will help to maintain a long lasting burn to keep your family warm or your pizza perfectly cooked.

Our address is London Firewood, Gainsborough Wharf, Wiltshire Row, London N1 5EZ.